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That’s us - LENA and PATRICK. Two photographers, four eyes and one mindset. Yes, we’re a REAL couple in the REAL world. We work together on every wedding. 

Photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to get the photo. So it’s good to capture people when they are themselves.
— Patrick Demarchelier

Hi, my name is Lena.

I was born in 80’s Poland. I’m a wedding photographer. Since 2014 I have lived in Glasgow.  I love white coffee, strong tea, tattoos, lazy mornings and travels.

Who am I...

It’s a long story. But it should start from the words of Steve McCurry “Life is too short not to be doing something which your really believe in.”

When I was a child, I heard that it’s good to find a well payed job, that all I should focus on is science. I passed all of my exams, finished some schools , got a job and all I’ve found was an empty space in my head. Something was missing. ART was only a passion then, but passion is a state of mind, so I knew I just needed to make one step forward to keep my balance. I quit my ‘dream’ job and became a full-time free spirit. 

I took up photography 'for real' in 2008.

I just woke up one cloudy morning obsessively thinking about buying  a new camera. It was a dream then, step by step I made it come true. Did I finally find a way to express my personality? It was a long way since I understood that photography is not about me, my expression and my passion... My photography is about emotions. I’m not a  bossy stage-manager . I love to be discreet “look-out” guest at weddings. I believe that posing, directed pictures says nothing about real beauty hidden in your heart that day. I’m always looking for little gestures,  feelings, the truth and deepest sense.   My photography is about YOU, YOUR feelings, YOUR way of experiencing emotions.

All I can do is watch and learn, have a walk with you, drink coffee listening your story and after... press the shutter button at the proper moment...

This art is part of me. I need to be creative to live. I need to express myself every day, in every area! That’s why I’m a vocalist, handicraftsman, interior designer, graphic designer and a photographer. Maybe it’s too much for one person, but I can’t stand staying  in one point and just looking around!!!  I want to try many things, meet a lot of people, visit so many places, and squeeze as many emotions from this life as I can.

Hello, my name is Patrick.

I was born in 90's in a small village called Bekaa-kafra, Lebanon, however, I lived most of my life in the city. The village life gave me a wild love to nature and the need to explore mother earth.

I thought my artistic side was non existent.

Photography was a subject that never crossed my mind.... Until i met Lena. It took her 20 minutes to teach me how to operate a camera plus the help of my analytical brain that loves numbers, i was ready to go! Ever since that day, my view to not just taking pictures, but also to emotions and love changed completely.

So in this bio,

I thank you Lena for everything you've given me my dear, love you.











PS. I have to mention that I love whisky, and that Five Guys is my second home.

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