City Chambers Glasgow, 23 Montrose Street - Wedding Ceremony Mark & Christina

That's been a while ago when I received mail from Mark saying that they are organising very intimate 1 hour wedding ceremony in 23 Montrose Street - City Chambers in Glasgow. As he said they were not planning to have wedding photographer at all, but after seeing my pictures the both agreed that's worth it to have one, and that it's gonna be me - or no one else. That's a huge compliment for me to hear such a declaration.

The wedding of Christina and Mark was very small, only closest family, but as it is on small weddings - their love was huge. I deeply felt how big emotions they have towards each other. 

I was thinking for a while should I share this small, tiny weddings on my blog and I have realise that I'm a wedding photographer, not only exclusive 'BIG' wedding photographer. My job is sometimes easy, sometimes challenging. Sometimes I'm one of lots of expenses for the couple, sometimes one of the biggest. But I equally appraciate all of my clients and even if I worked that day only 1 hour between drinking 2nd coffee and picking up my kids from the school - that was one of the most important days for these two. 

And here I just want to say that even if you're one of this couples on a tight budget. Photography has one rule - quality of pictures is dependant on photograhers experience and sometimes it's better to get in the same price good pictures taken during one hour, than tones of crap captured during half of the day ;)