Trash the dress after the wedding photo shoot - Dunure Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland - Dominika and Pawel

We know each other with Dominika and Pawel for a while. She’s my creative friend who’s making absolutely beautiful dream catchers ( check: BooCraft on FB ) and Pawel her husband is a photographer - wedding photographer specifically (Budzinski Photography). Obviously it’s easy to guess that we have always plenty of topics to discuss.

Dominika and Pawel mentioned in one of our chats that they never had a pro wedding photo shoot before. I just said ‘say no more’ and we started to plan something crazy and completely irrational. In Poland all the wedding shoots are taken week or so after the wedding day, just to have time, avoid the rush. I kinda like this tradition. It let’s us stay creative without limits (if couple allows) and the bride can wear her wedding dress twice!

If you like the idea I think it’s worth to conciser - additional engagement session or after the wedding photo shoot? There is no limits. If you want a wedding pictures on the peek of the mountain - go for it! If you want to swim in the sea in your wedding outfit - it’s still fine! The only limitation is YOU and if you’re forgetting about boundaries the magic can happen, like it happened this time.