Eden Leisure Village - festival boho wedding - Jenna & Lee

The end of April 2018 was a blast.

To be honest we fell in love with the venue which is basically a boutique camping, teepees and a beautiful view. The place has incredible potential and Jenna and Lee knew very well how to use it organising their music festival inspired wedding.

I have a thing to beautiful, interesting details so I was walking around getting more and more excited: festival flags, Beetle bar, a dog, flower crowns for every girl on the wedding, bohemian macrame, arrow in the cake and lots of more details made my heart melt in every aspect, however when i saw Jenna I started to melt even more so I have no idea how I did this pictures ;P Joking I know exactly, but I was literally shaking that day.

Jenna was wearing Rue de Seine boho gown and totally crazy shoes, gorgeous hair and makeup by Melanie Herriot. I was jumping like a little rabbit because I couldn’t imagine more spectacular and beautiful bride in this surrounding. Yep, we were lucky. So if we were so lucky - we truly enjoyed this early spring (cold) day and as I presume Jenna and Lee enjoyed their wedding pictures and our company too because we received flowers and a thank you card from them saying:

‘We just wanted to thank you for being the perfect photographers for our wedding. We feel so fortunate to have had our day documented in such a unique, beutiful and artistic way. It was great to have two people we had fun with and you never made us feel uncomfortable at any point. There were many things that did not go to plan on the day but I knew the photos were never going to be an issue as I felt so confident in you and the photos still surpassed my high expectations I would recommend you to anyone becouse a talented photographer really is one of the most underrated parts of the day as the photos are all that you have left to show after the quickest most meaningful day in your life!!! Thank you both for everlasting memories, love from L&J xx’

No chance to forget that day for both of us.