Warsaw, Poland - wedding photography - KAROLINA & KAROL

When I came back home in the middle of the night after their wedding I wrote on my Facebook page:

'Sorry, I can't fall asleep. I want to tell it to the world - what a wedding, what an emotions, what an amazing day. I'm so happy!!! Being wedding photographer is a gift, it's emotional roller-coaster and today I'm on the top of the world. Thank you K&K'

I met Karolina 6 years ago. She were a guest on a wedding where I was shooting. I thought 'wow! what a beauty'. After coming back home I looked at the pictures and I knew, that I need to make a proper studio session with her. That's how the story started. Lately I had the privilege of photographing her and her family many times, so I was honored when she asked me to take pictures on her wedding.

4th of June 2016. It was very hot and sunny morning in central Poland. Karolina and Karol got married in amazing Villa Omnia, a beautiful , conterporary place that is perfect for both - candid, intimate outdoor ceremony or wild, huge afterparty. The ceremony was very emotional and intimate. I honestly loved to be part of it.

In Poland that kind of the weddings are something new. Unfortunately it wasn't previously allowed to get married outside of the Register office.. More and more couples are seeking an alternative to a Church or city halls do that gives them the flexibility to create a more personal ceremony and allows them to get married in alternative wedding venues or outdoors. That's how it was this time. My first outdoor ceremony in Poland and it was perfect! Absolutely amazing!

List of suppliers:

Venue: Villa Omnia - Trebki Nowe,
Wedding Planer: Wedding Design Warsaw
Flowers and decoration: MIZU flower design
MUA & Hair: Crazy Make Up Team - www.facebook.com/crazyteammakeup

DJ Technik

And the photographer: Meeeeeeeee ;P