Eastwood House, Glasgow wedding Photographer - Emily & Mathias

Emily and Mathias got married in Eastwood House in Glasgow. She's English - he's French, both live in Glasgow. Their love story is pretty amazing. Just read this:

Ok, so I went to San Diego in 2010, just to spend the summer there, Mathias spent a few months in Canada with two friends then they were ending their trip by travelling down the west coast of America. I decided one weekend to buy a box of beers, so I was sat in the kitchen of the hostel sipping one of these when this guy walked in to the reception with his two friends. All I saw was his hair and I thought “I have to talk to this guy”, so I went up and offered them all a beer. You give a guy free beer and he is yours!

As luck would have it they were put into the same dorm room as me so I got to spend a couple of days getting to know him. During our wedding vows I said some parts in French and he did some in English - as a symbol of working to communicate with each other. We both started our vows with the phrase “je t’aime au fond du mon coeur” or “I love you from the bottom of my heart” - it’s one of the first things I said to Mathias because it’s one of the only things I could remember in French! I didn’t realise at the time that it would come true.

He was only in San Diego for two days, after that they went to Vegas where Mathias got really sick so instead of going out partying he had to stay in his hotel room and we chatted online. I found out they were going to seattle so of course I decided to go there too (i wasn’t letting him go!) so after a few weeks we saw each other again in seattle and by this time we knew we had feelings for each other, we went on a date to the cinema and spent my birthday together.

After that he went back to France and after my trip I returned to the uk”. In the September I was going to be at a wedding in Lithuania so I said to him “I’ll be in mainland Europe anyway, I might as well swing by France!” which makes no sense because they’re nowhere near each other but hey I wanted to see him again! So I went to France and during that trip we officially became a couple.

Once I finished uni I moved to France, we lived there for a couple of years together, then spent a year in Australia, and now we live in the UK. No idea where we’ll end up yet but can’t wait to see where life takes us!

Impressed? So am I...

Venue: Eastwood House in Glasgow

Hair & MUA: sarah-lou beauty

Buttonholes: Every Bloomin Thing on Cathcart Road

Bride and bridesmaids flowers (impressed again) Tesco and Marks and Spencer and made with Emily's mum

Emily's shoes: Irregular Choice

Veil: Carroll Bridal on etsy

The dress: chi chi London

Bridesmaid dresses: Lindy Bop

And the boys wore their own suits but with ties from M&S.