St Andrews, Scotland - wedding photographer - Emma & Ivan

I haven't shared this wedding so far, becouse I already knew it'll be a huge challenge for me to choose a set of pictures... Uh... But let's get started...

Emma and Ivan got married in July in stunning ruins of St. Mary at The Rock, with a reception and evening party in the marquee in Emma's parents garden in Clermont Lodge.

I love outdoor wedding ceremonies and DIY weddings. Especially if they're organised by couple like Emma and Ivan, who are... wedding photographers!

They did most things themselves (during their photo-wedding season) so they have a limited number of suppliers as flowers, drinks, cake, evening buffet etc was done by them and friends helping:

So all I can tell you about is:

- D P & L group provided the marquee

- Patrick Gillmour did the catering

- Its No Real Ceilidh Band for the music

I was super amazed this time, by lovely place, handmade details, the emotions and all that day. That was a pleasure to be your wedding photographer Emma & Ivan. Thank you!


Feedback from E&I:

Hi Lena,

We looked at the photographs from our wedding yesterday and we think that they are amazing!

Thank you so much for capturing all those moments for us, you perfectly gave back the feeling from our day and just LOVE them!

We are trying to decide which is the best shots so far, but every picture that we looked at we thought “this is my favourite one.......”

You are a real talent and we are really happy that you captured our day.

Thanks for all your hard work.

All best for your future and good luck with your business.

— Emma & Ivan