Extremely rainy and windy couple elopement photo shoot - Rest and Be Thankful - Highlands, Scotland

Famous beauty spot in Highlands with gorgeous and perfect for any occasion name ‘Rest and Be Thankful’.

We went there during winter so it was nothing about the ‘rest and being thankful’ - it was more like ‘fight and survive’ or ‘get soaked and face it’.

I lost my hat… the wind took it away… and I nearly lost a door in my car and you know what? It was all worth it! I love this pictures, I love to shoot in difficult weather because you can’t ‘plan it’. It’s one big crazy fight with weather conditions. There is no posing. There is just this moment and your beloved person and you’re facing this rain, storm, wind together as you gonna face all life’s difficulties. As couple said: ‘That photo shoot was so good because it didn’t feel like a photo shoot and we were just us’.

I will simply shut up here, it’s not about words. Let’s the pictures tell the story…