Dumfries House - Indian / English infusion wedding in Scotland - Shweta and David

Today we want to present an Indian / English infusion wedding from the Dumfries House.

There is no words to describe this wedding, but unfortunately I need to find some as Google hates pictures only ;) Joking… It was utterly, insanely magical wedding, venue and couple.

I’m not sure what I like more - minimalistic weddings with perfectly matched colour palette, where all is working together in such a harmony that I feel I don’t need Photoshop for colours adjustments OR weddings like this… Honest, crazy, full of vibrant tones, craziness, mad pattern connections, insanity! Weddings so full that they they are creating their own reality, completely unforgettable.

Shweta and David are one of the sweetest couple we had a chance to work with. They’re kind, lovely, cute and insanely good looking. If we can say we are lucky on our career path - just have a look at this pictures to understand why… ENJOY!

FLOWERS: https://www.theposysisters.com/

MAKE UP ARTIST: https://www.raemathieson.com/

HAIR: http://www.circles-hair.co.uk/

BANGRA / BAGPIPE ENTRY: http://vipdholies.co.uk/

2nd DRESS: https://www.jscouture.com/

ALTERATIONS: http://www.elizabethwallace.co.uk/

BAND: http://www.porkpieband.co.uk/