The sky met Skye... rainy and misty elopement / engagement shoot with Darryl and Serena - Isle of Skye, Old Man of Storr

That was epic… totally EPIC! Definitely getting an enquiry from this Australian couple was a blessing.

It was a beautiful August. We packed our gear, booked 2 nights in an Airbnb (Waterside Cabin in Broadford - amazing!) and we were ready to meet them. I was super excited about meeting Serena as we exchanged super nice mails before and I simply knew she’s ‘the right one’ for facing Scottish weather. I simply had a lot of hope that the weather will stay nice to her but… it’s Scotland - there is no beauty without this weather drama from time to time.

Scottish people used to say - if you don’t like the weather - just wait 5 min. So I was waiting, drinking coffee made by Darryl, we were all waiting… Only @skyebeautysalon was busy with making this gorgeous hairstyle and makeup. During this time all what has changed was the angle of the raindrops. Rain started to fall more… horizontal…

What can I say - we were prepared, waterproof trousers, jackets, bag pack covers etc They were… less prepared for the weather but beautifully ready for the shoot, so we went out. I quickly realised that the waterproof trousers aren't waterproof anymore and I absolutely should’t tuck them into my wellies. I discovered as well that my jacket is very waterproof because my pockets quickly filled up with water. Definitely this photo shoot gave me an opportunity of gaining lots of experience and lot’s of memories.

There is no words to describe empty Old Man of Storr which was covered with fog growing in front of your face like an ancient monster. There is no words to describe emptiness in the mountains, silence. I have no idea how to make you imagine how it is but showing you the pictures we snapped that day.

Big thank you to Darryl and Serena who made this adventure possible. We enjoyed every moment of it. and definitely that’s gonna be one of the adventures we're gonna tell about to future generations. Rock’n’roll never dies, Scotland rocks, peace, love and Lord oh Lord give me more of these…

And here something for the connoisseurs ;) Scary BACKSTAGE ;P