The queen of the forest - after the wedding photo shoot with Emma and David, Conic Hill

This photo shoot was totally out of this world. I have no words to describe how amazing experience was to work with Emma and David, so I thought I will simply use Emma’s words ;)

‘ I love your photos and thought I'd send you a message. I got married 6 years ago and I wore a very beautiful and very dramatic Ian Stuart dress, although my photos were good, I would have liked some more of my dress. Since then, I bring up in conversation every now again to my husband that I would have liked some pictures of my dress more in the style of a Fashion shoot (…) ‘I'm not much of a model lol I'd just like some nice pictures of my dress. I know it sounds a bit daft but I really loved it and I think it's a shame that it's in a box and doesn't get seen . I know when it's your wedding day it's all about you but I'd kinda like it to be about the dress for a few pictures. I particularly like your ones where they're in a Forrest or in the hills, something with lovely scenery. I love the style of your photography. I know this all sounds crazy it's just something I've always thought about and wondered if I could pull it off’

What can I say… We just did as she asked - pictures in the dress in the forest and on the hills, I just convinced her husband David to pose a bit too.

I’m not gonna lie… They’re looking so good together that I can take pictures of them every day. With a great pleasure.

After the shoot Emma left an incredible review on my FB fanpage:

We both wanted to say thank you so much to Lena and Patrick for our amazing photo shoot. It was a long time in the planning and Lena was amazing at understanding our unusual request.
We got married in 2012 and although we had some lovely wedding photos with our photographer then, I had always regretted not having more taken of my dress. I had a fabulous Ian Stuart gown that I am besotted with and I always felt that I wanted to capture it differently. My husband David had also recently recovered from chemo when we got married and he had never been truly comfortable with his image on our day.
I studied Fashion at college and over the years we always talked about doing more of a “fashion” shoot with my dress, so I could show it the way I felt it deserved, and David could be happy in his style. Time came and went, and the conversation always popped up, made worse by spending some time working in a wedding shop lol.
My friend had shown me photos of her friend’s wedding in June 2017, taken by Lena, and the minute I saw them I knew Lena was the perfect person to capture the look I had envisioned for all these years. Fast forward to December 2017 and after being accepted for IVF the clock started ticking down to our last chance of getting the photos we always talked about. If we ever had a baby I would never fit in my dress again and the chance would be lost forever. I contacted Lena a while later and explained what I was looking for. It turns out its common in Poland to have photos taken after the wedding day (maybe not quite 6 years later though lol). Lena was amazing, she was so enthusiastic and full of ideas. We picked a time and place and I looked forward to meeting Lena and her partner Patrick.
We met at Conic Hill on a reasonably nice but overcast day in August. Lena and Patrick were instantly warm and welcoming. We climbed the first half of the hill, David with my dress slung over his back inside a bedsheet, and Lena picked our first spot inside the forest. I changed into my dress, out there in the open, and we got to work. Lena taking the time to arrange Fern leaves in my hair and turning me from Emma into Her Forest Queen and David being the Gypsy prince 🖤.
Lena and Patrick were amazing at making us feel comfortable and they had such an eye for the perfect spots. I must admit I felt a little silly asking for pictures of my old wedding dress, but Lena and Patrick were excited and full of enthusiasm for us and our surroundings. After shooting for a while in the forest we decided to climb the rest of Conic Hill. I changed out my dress and again David carried it up the hill. Even during our time where we weren’t having pictures taken we were all chatting and having such a good laugh. On reaching the top of the hill and being slightly short of breath, I changed, and we got back to work. From there Lena and Patrick captured stunning pictures of not only us but the amazing views. David and I love Scotland and its open landscapes, and we love that Lena’s pictures captured that. The light drizzle only adding to how amazing and atmospheric the photos turned out.
I can honestly say that Lena and Patrick have something special together and in their work. You could see they loved each other and loved what they were doing. They were such a joy to be around. Our photos are everything we had hoped they would be and more. We are so excited by them and we find it so hard trying to pick favourites. I’m so glad we finally found the nerve to have these pictures taken and I’m so glad we came across Lena. Thank you both so much for everything you done for us. You made an old wish come true and made it the most magical experience. Good things truly come to those who wait and I ‘m glad we waited to find you. 🖤