The best wedding suppliers in Scotland, styled photoshoot - The Engine Works, Glasgow

In January this year, we got an idea with a group of creative suppliers from Scotland to organise a photoshoot in The Engine Works - new venue on Glasgow’s Maryhill; which would include what usually is forgotten during most inspirational editorials. We wanted to show not only new wedding trends and couple but also stylish car, handmade and designed in Glasgow rings, beautifully styled food and lots of emotions. Very often couples ask us about this what can improve their wedding, from a photographic point of view. The answer always resides in recommending them to just be themselves, to have fun, enjoy the day, do silly stuff and not to pose. That’s what we say, as a great majority of our couples never posed in any type of photoshoot before.

Being yourself includes natural-looking makeup and hair which are not changing your look too strongly during the day. Being unrecognisable during the wedding day is not a good thing. We kept the shoot in a rustic, rock-boho style which we absolutely adore. This styling includes some relaxed atmosphere in our opinion. Fairy lights on the floor, mixed patterns of carpets, glass and china with textures of beautiful (no foliage) flower compositions. The perfect venue was ‘The Engine Works‘ brand new place on a wedding map of Glasgow. The key to making the styling work was very strict colour palette including plenty of black. We used trendy pompom confetti, handpainted signs and leathery jacket as well as ombre handmade veil. YES! I did this veil by myself - from the scratch! All my bathroom was purple but that’s fine… haha I think it turned out pretty nicely.

I can’t forget about the cake and an incredbile flowers. Everything was so unique! That’s why it was picked and publisked on No. 1 British wedding blog Rock My Wedding.

I have no words to describe effort of this team and how amazing the atmosphere was. Great part in keeping us all in ease was our amazing couple - Anna Laska IG @laskaphoto_com (who is a very talented photographer) and her real life boyfriend Ryan Yule IG @ryan_yule who is a personal trainer and a model. We did with Anna and Ryan a boudoir photos in my apartment and you can see this pictures HERE.

It was amazing! We had so much laugh that I’m already considering organising another project similar to this one… We will see, time shows…

So now - ladies and gentlemen sit down comfortably and enjoy the result of all our efforts ;)

Photography by Lena Sabala Photography and Patrick Zaarour