Highlands wedding photographer - Rest and Be Thankfull & Loch Lomond photoshoot - Karolina & Andy

Hello Hello

That’s another post showing you the story of my life and the beautiful people I have a great pleasure to meet and work with.

Karolina and Andy

We know each other with Karolina and Andy for a while. Soon after I moved in to Scotland, Karolina the same as me was a member of few FB groups and that’s how we get to know each other. Firstly it was only general groups for Polish girls, but soon after I started to notice Karolina on some of the local groups for photographers. Yes! She started to take pictures - good pictures I need to say - mainly photographing kids and families as Starlight Fairy Photography. I keep my fingers crossed for her as I love to support creative friends who have talent and do something about it haha.

The place

Karolina got in touch with me saying the photoshoot she wants to organize with me is a way of celebrating her 6th wedding anniversary with her beloved husband and she requested to take pictures in the mountains and near some lake. I couldn’t find a better location than ‘Rest and Be Thankful’. I believe 6 years of a happy marriage is really letting you rest your mind and stay thankful for this what this marriage brought to your life (2 kids).

I did one photoshoot in this place before so I simply knew it’s gonna be EPIC! And it was as we were blessed with an insane golden light. 2nd location was Loch Lomond banks - what happened there needs to be shown not described.

Just look (and comment):